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Explore All Our Features

Google Login

Google login is Best and easy to use for loginto panel


2 factor authencation Provide best Security to you admin panel

Email Confirmation

Email Confirmation will be save you panel to Spam clients

Sync - Logs

Sync Logs help you for update price from providers


Refill button provide a valid timing for orders

Description Fetcher

Description fetcher is best for fecth description from providers panel

Service Dropdown

Service dropdown provide you Best interface to your panel

Choose Service Icon

if you using Instagram service you can set icon for this

Services Drag & Drop

Drag and drop provide you that which would you set the service

Cron Jobs

Cron jobs is a command for chnage order status like that inprocess, pending , processing etc


Theme Customizer

Theme customization is very useful for your animations     

Pages Editor

if you want any editing write text to any page so you can type .

Brodcast- Popup

you can set alert for your whole customers . that like NEW SERVICE ADDED


Price decreased or increased you can set Announced

Random Password

Random Password provide a best safety in your panel security

Live order Count

Live order is a counting of your Number of orders. Every order will count

Child Panels

If you want that your friends get like this panel, so you can provide to him

Multi Payment Getways

Multi payments system available beacuse this is world wide

Cancel Button

If in case place a mistake order so you can click on cancel button .

Average Time

average time provide a custom time , we can expect this order which time will be completed

Default Currency in Admin

If you belong from India , so you want Indian Currency so any country people can use own currency

Notification Sender

Notification Sender is a Mail sender . We can use for Regular New Updated to Customers